Concentric Planning vs. Blitzkrieg

Amersfoort Old and New

Street scenes inside and outside of the historical center, just 200 meters apart. Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Photos: RM

It is 75 years ago this week that the city of Rotterdam was stripped of its center by German bombs. In general, the absence of an old center is seen as a deficiency; In contrast, it can also be said that it provides certain advantages, especially in the field of urban planning.  Continue reading

No Loitering

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L: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht; R: Lange Haven, Schiedam. Photos: RM

It lies in the nature of the Dutchman to organize things and public space is no exception to this rule. When the need to create order is limited to attempts to prevent undesirable behavior and furthermore anything unplanned is considered undesirable by definition, this leads to excesses in the design of public space. Two examples: Continue reading