Concentric Planning vs. Blitzkrieg

Amersfoort Old and New

Street scenes inside and outside of the historical center, just 200 meters apart. Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Photos: RM

It is 75 years ago this week that the city of Rotterdam was stripped of its center by German bombs. In general, the absence of an old center is seen as a deficiency; In contrast, it can also be said that it provides certain advantages, especially in the field of urban planning.  Continue reading

A Tale of the Tub

De Kuip as an icon

From L to R: De Kuip at its opening in 1937; De Kuip Icon; IS in action.

Our monuments, the icons of our civilization, are of great value to us and should, in priciple, be preserved. In principle, because sometimes the fear to discard our (built) icons comes to stand in the way of our progress. In this post a first example of this phenomenon: The Feyenoord Stadium in Rotterdam. Continue reading