Monotony vs. Chaos

Rigid facades

The front: rigid facades: alonging for more law and order?                                                                                                             Photos: RM

According to art historian Wilhelm Worringer the chosen style in art (or architecture) reflects not only the current state of society, but also is the fulfillment of a desire for something that is lacking. The dominant style in art and architecture tells us something about (the future of) a given culture. Continue reading

Revelation through Concealment

veiled building

Veiled building. Photo: RM

In phases of transition, such as renovation or (partial) demolition, buildings sometimes show themselves in a new and unexpected way. By removing layers of the facade buildings often gain a more interesting appearance, a stronger expressiveness. When a building is halfway demolished, you often get a kind of reversal, if it were pulled inside out. The underlying structure becomes visible, inner walls become facades. Continue reading



Architecture blog: Student housing

Student housing, Delft. Photo: RM

Students in general have little money, spend much of their time in public spaces and are less demanding in terms of comfort. They must, however, be housed, preferably as cheap as possible and in places where they cause the least possible inconvenience to the indigenous population. Continue reading