City Wall

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Deventrade, Deventer. Photo: RM

The frayed edges of our agglomerations are often formed by industrial areas or business parks. Functions which, because of the noise pollution they cause or their mere size,are difficult to fit into the urban fabric. Therefore they have been raked together neatly in these places. When we are unfortunately enough to drive (they are by definition very pedestrian unfriendly)through these areas they cause us a slightly uncomfortable feeling. The buildings generally consist of a large shed, built of corrugated iron, sometimes with a relatively, disproportionately small office building in front of it.

Now what is it that causes our discomfort? Continue reading

Mirror, mirror

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WTC, Rotterdam. Office, Deventer. Photos: RM

Like in most “revolutions”, after due time the sense of reality takes over its goals. The initial idealism goes on sale and will be trivialized or pragmatized at best. Modern architecture is no exception. The mirror facade clearly shows the bankruptcy of modernism in architecture in its original form.  Continue reading