Imitation in Design; why does it irritate?

imitation in design

Left: Touch tone telephone with “classic” design. Right: Fake battlements in Spijkenisse, the Netherlands. Photo: RM

Imitation-bricked windows in a new apartment building and a “classic” touch-tone telephone. What do these have in common?  Among designers both can count on reactions ranging from scorn and contempt to irritation and anger. But why?  Continue reading

Less is Less, More is More

“Less is More”, a famous German architect once said. Nonsense, of course; Less is just less.

Dean Gardens Estate in Atlanta: More is definitely more.

Dean Gardens Estate in Atlanta: More is definitely more.

With an area of over 3500 m2, Dean Gardens Estate was, at the time of its completion in 1992, the largest residence in Atlanta. The owner, software tycoon Larry Dean, put it back on sale again just two years later. Finally, after17 years it sold for $ 7 million, a fraction of the original construction costs. Why? Continue reading

Longing for the Absence of Design


Pavement on a streetcorner, somewhere in southern Europe. Photo: RM

In a world where almost everything is designed, it can be a relief to come across something that has obviously NOT been designed. What characterizes design? Continue reading